Proscene  provides collaboration solutions for healthcare clients all over East Africa. We design, develop, and implement advanced telehealth, telemedicine solutions, including integrated operating rooms. These collaborative tools help to improve the patient experience, and facilitate anytime collaboration between doctors and hospitals. Using Proscene integrated medical solutions, caregivers communicate with their patients and peers virtually anywhere at any time, leading to improved department meetings, knowledge sharing, medical training courses, project management, patient care and oversight.

Our extensive experience in providing innovative communications technologies are designed to maximise resources, provide more efficient collaboration and decision making, thereby providing real benefits in patient care and staff efficiencies whilst reducing operating costs.

Whilst being acutely aware of the sensitive and confidential nature of medical projects, our technical teams are fully qualified to provide the highest level of expertise.

Services we offer include:

  • Telemedicine – access global expertise quickly and cost-effectively to ensure high quality patient care on-site and in the field.
  • Multi-Disciplinary Team Rooms – bring together multiple departments from different locations to discuss immediate patient cases using MDT imaging solutions. 
  • Collaboration Technologies – drive vital engagement between clinicians, healthcare professionals, management and patients by connecting key healthcare professionals easily and meaningfully with collaborative tools.
  • Medical Audio-Visual and Digital Media – state-of-the-art solutions to support clinicians from an IT specialist that has extensive experience in the design, installation, maintenance, training and support of the technology medical staff need.